A week ago today we quietly launched choice.community.

It’s an online forum that we’re hoping will become the place for all Australians to give and get help with the products and services we use every day. It will also help us to have our voices heard so that we can have fair, just and safe markets for all.

So far, it’s invite-only, and just over 2500 CHOICE members and supporters have joined. Already, we’ve seen discussion on a wide range of consumer issues, from car tyres to electricity bills. Our two most popular topics so far were on Fisher & Paykel appliances and geoblocking, and we’d like to continue to let forum members dictate the shape and direction of the community.

We also plan to develop other unique ways that people can interact in the forum, whether it’s with CHOICE experts or contributing to Voice Your Choice campaigns.

While the ability to join and contribute to the forums is currently exclusive to invited members, every single topic thread on choice.community is publicly accessible for anyone to read – which means more people can become part of the CHOICE family, benefit from the knowledge and experiences being shared, and join the fight for stronger consumer protections.

Just a few of the topics being discussed on choice.community.
New Thing #2: An online community for Australian consumers