Sometimes – often, actually – the New Things unit has to launch something that we haven’t completely mastered yet. We do this to get it in front of you, the adventurous Australian consumer, so you can try it and we can figure out together what to do with it next.

One such initiative is the CHOICE Mobilometer. We thought it would be useful to launch something that would help us figure out how we use our phones and whether we could get a better deal based on what we actually need.

Version 1 helps you find a better phone plan – although it doesn’t know about all the best plans yet. Version 2 could either add more phone plan options, or it could log telco outages and tell CHOICE about them. Which would you prefer?

To tell us, download Mobilometer (Version 1) from the Google Play Store, try it, and then use the feedback form.

P.S. You may be wondering why this one is Android-only. It turns out that only Android lets us detect the usage data on the phone and automatically pull it into the app. It looks like the same will apply for outage reporting. This could be a privacy issue; but in this case, CHOICE does not see that usage data ourselves, as it all stays within the app. For the outage tool, we would like to see that data to help us fight for your rights, but if we do that we’ll (naturally) ask for your explicit permission first.

New Thing #5: The CHOICE Mobilometer